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About Consortio

Formed in 2008, Consortio has become a respected provider to the Australian corporate market, delivering centralised management of payroll and workforce engagement services, in a completely vendor-neutral environment.

We have a strong background providing service models to companies within the IT Consulting, software and finance industries, as well as a long-standing relationship with NSW Government Departments.

Our services provide improved visibility over contractor logistics, promote efficiency and process improvement and reduce employment-associated risk.

Services & Capabilities

Consortio’s engagement services provide an effortless solution forall your IT contractor, compliance and resourcing needs.
We also partner with Wrkr to deliver a cohesive compliance technology solution for your workforce.

Timesheets, Payroll Management & Centralised Invoicing
Compliance Management
Client-specific Reporting
On-boarding & Contractor Management
Flexible MSP & Vendor Management

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Toll-Free: 1300 088 945
Landline: (02) 8199 5000
14/59 Goulburn Street, Sydney 2000
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